About Your Home Inspector


A Little History

Born on my uncles farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, my father was a coal miner and worked hard to raise the family. Being a survivor of two mine cave in's, he moved the family to up state New York.

I went to school and graduated from Pine Bush High School at the base of the Catskill Mountains not far from Woodstock, New York. My interests was automotive shop, metal shop, and of course photography of the Catskills.

After school, I joined the United States Air Force and took assignments in Florida's Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral, Egypt, Germany, and New Mexico.

After the military I worked as a carpenters apprentice in upstate New York. We built homes from three bedrooms to very large homes for IBM executives in Fishkill New York.

For a few years after getting married, I worked for Marshall Company, in Queens New York. We re-modeled apartments and brownstones in Manhattan for such people as, Marvin Hamlisch-American composer, Barbara Walters-famed news journalist, Aerosmith crew members, and others.

I moved back to upstate New York and licensed in pest control and termite treatment. Moving to Indiana, I continued in pest control and termite treatment and then, combined that service with home inspections and a franchise company.

In 2001 I started my company, PTI Home Inspections, and have proudly been servicing Northeastern Indiana since. I take pride in explaining the operations and maintenance of the mechanicals in the home to you and spending the time with any questions or concerns you may have in the home.

Now with over 4,700 homes inspected, and as our client, you will appreciate our attention to details, honest advice, and experience.

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